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Debuutalbum "Epiphany"

2019/10/30 @ 21:05



1. Epiphany

2. Away Again (Lejos)

3. Flute Funk

4. Beauty & Light

5. A Samurai's Way

6. 11:11

7. Bairro Alto

8. Purity

9. Blue Pages

10. Picardian Waltz



Han Litz   dwarsfluit

Thijs Cuppen   piano

Folker Tettero   gitaar

Kris Rietveld   zang

Eric Calmes   bas

Udo Demandt   drums




Orlando Mino - vocals op Away Again(Lejos)

Claus Tofft - percussion op 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9

Jeffrey Zuhdy - vocals op Blue Pages


Opname: Chris Weeda @ Fattoria Musica, Osnabrueck

Overdubs opgenomen door: Han Litz, Amsterdam


Mix: Han Litz

Mastering: Errol Lem


Dit album is geschreven, gecomponeerd en gearrangeerd door Han Litz.


Orlando Mino schreef de tekst van Away Again(Lejos).

Jeffrey Zuhdy schreef de tekst van Blue Pages.


p + c 2012 Han Litz


CD 'Epiphany Electrified'

2018/01/21 @ 23:15

Epiphany Electrified - Han Litz Group


Track titles on the album:

1. Epiphany (Nelson & Djosa Remix)

2. Flute Funk (D-Reflectrion Remix)

3. A Samurai's Way (m0nolitz Remix)

4. Epiphany (Kid Sublime Remix)

5. Bairro Alto (Dub Creator Remix)

6. Epiphany (Diephuis Samba Jazz Remix)

7. Purity (Monte La Rue's Midnight Mix)

8. 11:11 (Greg Van Bueren Remix)

9. Bairro Alto (Phil Martin Remix)

10. 11:11 (CSPR Remix)

11. Flute Funk (Ro's Club Remix)

12. When the funk hits the flute*

All music composed, written and arranged by Han Litz.
Remixed by the producers as mentioned above.

*special bonus track: produced by Han Litz, mixed by Han Litz & CSPR,
all instruments by Han Litz, except guitars by Folker Tettero and
beats programmed by CSPR.

Additional programming, production and instruments by:

1. Nelson & Djosa. 2. D-Reflection. 3. programming, fx, mix by m0no. Reharmonization, strings arranged and Alto flute played by Han Litz.
4. Kid Sublime. 5. additional piano, programming and fx by The Dub Creator. 6. Diephuis. 7. Monte La Rue. 8. Greg Van Bueren. 9. Phil Martin: drums, Ton v/d Kolk: bas. 10. aditional moog bass and programming by CSPR. 11. drums/programming by Ro Achterberg.


Band Members:

Han Litz | flutes

Thijs Cuppen | piano

Folker Tettero | guitar

Kris Rietveld | vocals

Eric Calmes | bass

Udo Demandt | drums


Claus Tofft - percussion on Epiphany, Flute Funk, 11:11.


Original recording of Epiphany

Recording: Chris Weeda
Overdubs: Han Litz
Mix: Han Litz
Mastering: Errol Lem


Epiphany Electrified:

All tracks mastered by the remixers themselves, except for track 3, 4, 10, 11
mastering by Mark den Hartog @ and track 12 mastering
by Thijs 'm0no'Bergmans.


Produced by Han Litz p+c 2014

Pre-order the CD directly @ the artist: 15€ + shipping. (within Europe) by sending us an email with your order 'Epiphany Electrified' to
Please let us know if you would like a signed copy (by Han Litz).