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Press Quotes: van Boeckel

About Epiphany: " this sublime album that moves from Jazz to Brazil, to Funk". "Litz himself is starring on the (alto) flute, it seems as though he speaks through his flute".
Link to the <<review>> (in dutch)

WrittenInMusic/Robert Schuurman

About Epiphany: "From the very first notes of the title track Epiphany, you can hear that there's such a lot of joy in playing". Link to <<review>> (in dutch)


About Epiphany:  "It feels as if one is being taken on a very comfortable music trip." "Everything in the compositions and production of this album sounds sophisticated".
Link to the <<review>> (in dutch)

BN De Stem / Willem Jongenelen

"Most striking about this album is that the music sounds so cheerful and has such a superb groove." Link to the <<review>> (in dutch)

Lust For Life/Ruud Meijer

"Litz is a master flutist and his band exists only of great musicians".

"The hypnotising A Samurai's Way is a superb piece of music".

Fret magazine

About Epiphany: "Dipped in a supple swinging littele latin sauce"

"Highlights of this disc are Away Again(Lejos).....and Blue Pages, a glowing soultrack which adds the necessary powerful vibe."


Seymour Nurse(The Bottom End, London)

About Epiphany: "So good to hear 'real' heartfelt music in this window of time. ’Beauty and Light’ is exquisite, a real magic carpet ride. ’Away Again’ is very warm, melancholic. ’Epiphany’ and ‘Picardian Waltz’ have a beautiful vibe to it."       (Seymour Nurse, The Bottom End London)

Alexander Barck (Jazzanova/Sonar Kollektiv)

"Flutists can get on your nerves quick. But this album is just pure and honest.Well done"