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2013/07/09 @ 16:15   Posted by   Han Litz

liner notes 'Epiphany'

For our streaming or 'buying-separate-tracks' fans, we would like to provide the liner notes of our album


So there he stands, with his flute – calm, cool and collected. Han Litz carries it well. Litz is far from a poser - he ’s the musician who graduated summa cum laude from the Amsterdam Conservatoire. He ’s the flutist who has created balmy breezes and storms of sound since 1990, contributing to songs and shows for a wide range of artists like DJ Maestro, Jazzanova, Lex Empress and ‘Little’ Louie Vega - to name just a few. He ’s the funkmaster who cut his teeth recording with Flowriders and Kindred Spirits Ensemble, among others. With this debut album The Gentle Giant proves that a flutist can also be an excellent bandleader. That isn’t new, but it’s certainly something we need reminding of. Han snaps us back to the here and now - feel how he spills his guts in the solo in Blue Pages. Sway down the stairs with him in Lisbon, after nocturnal adventures in Bairro Alto. And see how the candlelight flickers in the romantic Away Again(Lejos), where Han sets the warm tones of Orlando Miño in a golden glow. Han’s band is handpicked - carefully chosen musicians who can tickle and tempt, but who also reveal their true colours in the solemn Purity.

Epiphany means ‘revelation’, and that's just how this Epiphany feels. We can hear the music world's many influences on Han Litz - and also his influence on it.

by Guuz Hoogaerts


2013/04/05 @ 13:56   Posted by   Han Litz

Interview with Han Litz by Jayms

Here's an interview (in dutch) with Han Litz on the 'Gooische Vrienden' blog

for Personality & Music, by Jayms


2013/02/25 @ 12:00   Posted by   Han Litz

Han Litz Group 'Epiphany' digital album now W O R L D W I D E available


2012/06/18 @ 12:00   Posted by   Han Litz

Jazzism interview

In this month's issue of Jazzism ('the' jazz magazine in the Netherlands); an interview about the just released debut album'Epiphany' by Han Litz Group.