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2013/04/05 @ 13:56   Geplaatst door   Han Litz

Interview with Han Litz by Jayms

Here's an interview (in dutch) with Han Litz on the 'Gooische Vrienden' blog

for Personality & Music, by Jayms


2013/02/25 @ 12:00   Geplaatst door   Han Litz

Han Litz Group 'Epiphany' digital album now W O R L D W I D E available


2012/06/18 @ 12:00   Geplaatst door   Han Litz

Jazzism interview

In this month's issue of Jazzism ('the' jazz magazine in the Netherlands); an interview about the just released debut album'Epiphany' by Han Litz Group.


2012/05/30 @ 12:00   Geplaatst door   Han Litz

Dutch Jazz Competition 2012

We are proud to announce that Han Litz Group has been selected for the semi-finals of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2012:



We will perform on Thursday june 14th @ Bimhuis


The Jazz competition holds 2 dates for the semi finals, on both evenings 5 groups will play, the first has been held @ Bird, Rotterdam. The second Han Litz Group will play on thursday June 14th; on the same evening the finalists will be selected by the jury. So do come and support us on Thursday June 14th! Bimhuis, Amsterdam. doors open 8 PM.