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2016/02/16 @ 19:09   Posted by   Han Litz

Han Litz tours in The Netherlands with the B-Movie Orchestra

B-Movie Orchestra - The Ultimate In Thrilling, Raunchy And Erotic Filmmusic Vol. 3


Concerts 2016

VR 05-02-2016 De Meerse - Hoofddorp (try-out)

ZA 06-02-2016 Tolhuistuin - Amsterdam - album launch

VR 12-02-2016 Deventer - Schouwburg

ZA 13-02-2016 Schouwburg - Almere

DO 18-02-2016 Cultura - Ede

VR 19-02-2016 De Lawei - Drachten

ZA 20-02-2016 Theater Walhalla - Rotterdam

VR 26-02-2016 Stadstheater - Zoetermeer

ZA 27-02-2016 Podium - Boxtel

DO 03-03-2016 Cool Kunst en Cultuur - Heerhugowaard

VR 04-03-2016 P3 - Purmerend

ZA 05-03-2016 Rabotheater - Hengelo

ZO 06-03-2016 Verkade Fabriek - Den Bosch - aanvang 15:00 uur

DO 10-03-2016 Parkstad Limburg Theaters - Heerlen

VR 11-03-2016 Hedon - Zwolle

ZA 19-03-2016 't Beest - Goes

VR 25-03-2016 Patronaat - Haarlem

ZA 26-03-2016 Peppel - Zeist

VR 22-04-2016 Neushoorn - Leeuwarden

12 Piece Killer Orchestra
rhythm section: Baz Mattie, Gerco Aerts, Alan Mc Lachlan, Jeroen Roelofsen, Rudi de Graaff
horn and wind instruments: Arend Bouwmeester, Jos vd Heuvel, Thomas Welvaadt, Wouter Hakhoff, Han Litz
featuring 'the cinematic fever girls': Elisa Beuger, Ilse Heus.
Lighting: Bart van den Heuvel, sound:Peter Wagner, director: Eva Bauknecht


2015/02/12 @ 17:54   Posted by   Han Litz

Album overview Electrified

Check out an overview of our remix album Epiphany Electrified



2014/06/19 @ 15:12   Posted by   Han Litz

Han Litz Group LIVE @ NorthSeaRoundTown in Bird, Rotterdam July 5th

Han Litz Group will play live in jazzclub Bird for the NorthSeaRoundTown, Rotterdam on saturday July 5th @ 8.00 PM

Line up:

Han Litz - flutes
Tico Pierhagen - rhodes & keys
Henry Sopacua - bass & vocals
Demis Marcus - drums

special guest on guitar: Jeff Sopacua

we will start half an hour earlier at 8.00 PM


2014/04/30 @ 13:00   Posted by   Han Litz

Review Czech Jazzport magazine

We are very happy with all the nice reviews in the Dutch press about our second album Epiphany Electrified and we would like to share this latest Czech review: