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2016/08/06 @ 17:07   Posted by   Han Litz

Summer 2016 so far

Right before heading to the UK, i played at my residency in Amsterdam and did a gig with Alankara at a nice party in the east of Holland where i met some lovely new friends, one of them from Tilburg. The next morning i had to catch a plane to Bristol to do a gig with Andy Compton and the amazing singer Celestine; she brought her great band and i joined in for a few tracks as well. After the gig Andy and myself got into the studio for the rest of the week and mixed and mastered ten out of twelve tracks of our forthcoming album. A short weekend in Amsterdam followed, just enough time to prepare for next stop: Mykonos, Greece to do a gig and some recordings with Osunlade.

We were enjoying a superb house and swimming pool with the Yoruba Records family and spent the evenings on the veranda or in Mykonos town, which was still nice and not too busy before the summer madness would kick in for July. It was very nice to hang out with some of the locals as well, the people from the Cyclades(group of islands) are amazing! During the day the wind can be very strong, at sundown it settles a bit. It was amazing to play the gig with Osunlade and Gabriele Poso again, we started off early at 5pm already and Osunlade did a 6 hour set. We joined him to play flute and percussion during most of his set, although now and then he played some vocal tracks alone. After the gig we had an amazing dinner at the venue's seaside. The recordings we did on the island are for Osunlade's next album which he will finish by the end of the year.

Then after some more airports a gig with Gabriele Poso at Festival Mundial in Tilburg, where i was happy to meet with my new friend who i met a couple of weeks ago at the east of Holland gig. Poso and i did the festival gig, went to the hotel and bumped into DJ Boddhisatva, who was there for a gig on the same festival. After hanging out together and taking some pictures, my new friend and Gabriele and i had a nice dinner together in the city of Tilburg and we had a chilled evening. After that weekend i worked on some new compositions for the Han Litz Group album for a week.

Andy Compton was in Amsterdam for a few gigs and we finalized our twelve track album 'Use The 3rd Eye', which will be released on 9-9-2016. I had a gig at my residency and after a week to chill, and meeting some friends, i went away for a nice holiday with my dear at the dutch seaside, we had a great time and beautiful weather. Back in Amsterdam i already had to prepare again for rehearsals and the next gig; the last show of the B-Movie Orchestra tour in the theatres finishing at the famous dutch Festival Boulevard in Den Bosch. Now it's back in Amsterdam, recordings to do for some new collabs and practise some balophon and Wurlitzer piano.


2016/06/02 @ 14:01   Posted by   Han Litz

May and June 2016

After finishing the dutch theatre tour with the B-movie Orchestra in the first trimester, I have been working daily on the compositions and arrangements of my forthcoming album; writing, producing and recording at Unconditional Sound Studio, also preparing the music to start recording other instrumentalists and vocalists. Of course :-) I have been playing live several times in and around Amsterdam f.i. at the Harbour Club and at my residency: Bar & Kitchen Van Rijn. Also i'm doing some session recordings for Inkswel and for Kid Sublime for their releases on some pretty nice labels based in Berlin, New York and Barcelona.
I'm really looking forward to traveling, first off to the island Mykonos with Osunlade, he kicks off his Yoruba Full Moon Party, during the summer he will be the resident DJ with his Yoruba label featuring special guests. Around this gig we (Osunlade, Gabriele Poso and myself) took some extra time to hit the studio together for some new recordings. The week before, I'll be off to Bristol to meet Andy Compton (The Rurals), we will be mixing, mastering and finishing the album we did. The release will follow soon.


2016/02/16 @ 19:09   Posted by   Han Litz

Han Litz tours in The Netherlands with the B-Movie Orchestra

B-Movie Orchestra - The Ultimate In Thrilling, Raunchy And Erotic Filmmusic Vol. 3


Concerts 2016

VR 05-02-2016 De Meerse - Hoofddorp (try-out)

ZA 06-02-2016 Tolhuistuin - Amsterdam - album launch

VR 12-02-2016 Deventer - Schouwburg

ZA 13-02-2016 Schouwburg - Almere

DO 18-02-2016 Cultura - Ede

VR 19-02-2016 De Lawei - Drachten

ZA 20-02-2016 Theater Walhalla - Rotterdam

VR 26-02-2016 Stadstheater - Zoetermeer

ZA 27-02-2016 Podium - Boxtel

DO 03-03-2016 Cool Kunst en Cultuur - Heerhugowaard

VR 04-03-2016 P3 - Purmerend

ZA 05-03-2016 Rabotheater - Hengelo

ZO 06-03-2016 Verkade Fabriek - Den Bosch - aanvang 15:00 uur

DO 10-03-2016 Parkstad Limburg Theaters - Heerlen

VR 11-03-2016 Hedon - Zwolle

ZA 19-03-2016 't Beest - Goes

VR 25-03-2016 Patronaat - Haarlem

ZA 26-03-2016 Peppel - Zeist

VR 22-04-2016 Neushoorn - Leeuwarden

12 Piece Killer Orchestra
rhythm section: Baz Mattie, Gerco Aerts, Alan Mc Lachlan, Jeroen Roelofsen, Rudi de Graaff
horn and wind instruments: Arend Bouwmeester, Jos vd Heuvel, Thomas Welvaadt, Wouter Hakhoff, Han Litz
featuring 'the cinematic fever girls': Elisa Beuger, Ilse Heus.
Lighting: Bart van den Heuvel, sound:Peter Wagner, director: Eva Bauknecht


2015/02/12 @ 17:54   Posted by   Han Litz

Album overview Electrified

Check out an overview of our remix album Epiphany Electrified