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2016/06/02 @ 14:01   Posted by   Han Litz

May and June 2016

After finishing the dutch theatre tour with the B-movie Orchestra in the first trimester, I have been working daily on the compositions and arrangements of my forthcoming album; writing, producing and recording at Unconditional Sound Studio, also preparing the music to start recording other instrumentalists and vocalists. Of course :-) I have been playing live several times in and around Amsterdam f.i. at the Harbour Club and at my residency: Bar & Kitchen Van Rijn. Also i'm doing some session recordings for Inkswel and for Kid Sublime for their releases on some pretty nice labels based in Berlin, New York and Barcelona.
I'm really looking forward to traveling, first off to the island Mykonos with Osunlade, he kicks off his Yoruba Full Moon Party, during the summer he will be the resident DJ with his Yoruba label featuring special guests. Around this gig we (Osunlade, Gabriele Poso and myself) took some extra time to hit the studio together for some new recordings. The week before, I'll be off to Bristol to meet Andy Compton (The Rurals), we will be mixing, mastering and finishing the album we did. The release will follow soon.

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About Electrified: "Litz' growling flute work expanded in a very smart way, much more funked up" "Monte La Rue's remix of Purity has clearly more edge than the original with beautiful additional parts, still staying true to the original" "Phil Martin's remix of Bairro Alto adds more depth, by interesting rhythmtracks and syncopated clavinet parts"

Clublife magazine electronic dance

About Electrified: "Lekker voor de beachparties waar iedere clubber ieder voorjaar weer naar uitkijkt." "Dwarsfluit als smaakmaker in dance? Jazeker; deze remix-plaat laat horen hoe relevant de fluit is in de dance." - Pierre Oitmann

About Electrified: "Remixen als die van Purity en A Samurai’s Way zouden, evenals het nieuwe stuk When The Funk Hits The Flute,  moeiteloos op een Café Del Mar-album kunnen staan, waarop jaarlijks de beste loungenummers worden samengevoegd." <<link to full review>> "Ondanks de verschillende ideeën en de diversiteit van de remixen klinkt Epiphany Electrified als een consistent geheel."

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