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2011/10/14 @ 17:55   Eine Nachricht von   Han Litz

Duo Han Litz & Thijs Cuppen

On Sunday 23rd of October, Thijs and Han played on the beautiful location of Cafe Americain in Amsterdam. Mostly relaxed jazztunes, bossanova, samba, latin grooves and some funky jazz and easy pop. In addition to playing on the grand piano, Thijs also played some melodica like he does in the group as well. We will play here soon again. Watch out for more concert dates in the 'See Live' section of this site.


2011/09/06 @ 19:23   Eine Nachricht von   Han Litz

Website Launch

Today is the world premiere of our website launch and the official 'behind the scenes' video that we shot with Heren Kaktus in springtime. Make sure to watch it on our site and 'leave a comment' on our contact page! And when your at it join us and most of all 'like' us on facebook.


2011/08/16 @ 12:40   Eine Nachricht von   Han Litz

Sollen die Berliner einer 'Epiphany' haben ?

Dieser Wochenende Han Litz faehrt ab nach Berlin, er hat ein Verabredung um ein neues Plattenkontrakt zu besprechen mit die recordcompany im Deutschland die einen release on vinyl von's debut Epiphany des HLG machen sollte.